Samudra Kadampa Buddhist Centre
370 Main St E Ground floor [main entrance]
Hamilton ON L8N 1J6
You may join a course at anytime.
To cover costs there is a fee of $12/class.
Tuesdays 7:30 – 9 pm
Teacher: Gen Kelsang Rabgye

Samudra Kadampa Buddhist Centre

TUESDAYS  7:30 – 9 pm

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If we possess a beautiful mind, we shall possess a beautiful life. Most people believe that desirable external conditions will provide a beautiful and comfortable life. However, those that attain such conditions never experience complete fulfillment. Many never attain anything more than a few temporary experiences of pleasure, This is because their mind is discontent and subject to uncontrolled negativity. We can learn to control our mind and avoid these faults. Then our mind will become beautiful and our experience of life will be joyful and fulfilling. 


A Mind That Does Not Find Fault Nov 29
A Mind Characterized By an Open Heart Dec 6
A Mind of Humility Dec 13
A Mind That Takes Ultimate Responsibility Dec 20


If we check carefully with wisdom, we shall understand that directly and indirectly all of our suffering and problems arise  from negativity that our own mind generates. Normally we blame other people, places, or things for our experience of painful events. However, if our mind was habitually controlled and peaceful, we would not experience mental discomfort and unhappiness. Instead our inner peace would act as a basis to solve and or transform difficult situations into a spiritually meaningful events. Dharma enables us to use challenging situations to our advantage, instead of compelling us to act out in deluded and negative ways. Start the new year by learning such method practices.


Abandon Anger Jan 10
Abandon Miserliness Jan 17
Abandon Inconsideration Jan 24
Abandon Pride Jan 31
Abandon Attachment Feb 7






There are many methods, including meditation, for improving our human nature and good qualities through developing the capacity of our mind. Discover for yourself Buddha’s timeless wisdom and path to permanent inner peace.