Dorje Shugden Empowerment

with Teachings on the Extensive Protector Puja Melodious Drum Victorious in All Directions

Gen-la Jampa, Deputy Spiritual Director grant the empowerment and give the Festival teachings.



Prajnaparamita Empowerment

with teachings on the Heart Sutra
with Commentary to The Blissful Path and The Uncommon Yoga of Inconceivability

With Gen-la Dekyong and Gen-la Jampa.



The Gateway to Highest Yoga Tantra

Empowerments Heruka and Vajrayogini with commentary to the practices.

General Spiritual Director, Gen-la Dekyong will grant the Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments of Heruka and Vajrayogini. The event will take place at Kadampa Meditation Centre Brazil. The centre is located north west of Sao Paulo, in Jacare Brazil.