Bronte Historical Society
The Sovereign House
7 West River St
Oakville ON L6L 6N9
Classes Mondays 7:30 – 9 pm
You may join a course at anytime.
To cover costs there is a fee of $12/class.
Teacher: Gen Kelsang Rabgye


Bronte Historical Society

Why should we be compelled to transform our life? The main reason is we often make poor decisions concerning our life. Important decisions are commonly made with a mind of uncontrolled desire, instead of a mind of wisdom. Even if we make wise choices, life will still present us with many challenges. Therefore, if we possess wisdom we will be able to meet any and all challenges with an ability to transform them into some sort of advantage. Whereas without such understanding, we shall very likely succumb to anger, despair, and hopelessness. This course will reveal Buddha’s ancient wisdom, that has been proven over millennia to be supremely beneficial in solving all of our daily problems.


Transforming Dislike for Unfulfilled Wishes Into Wisdom

Jan 6

Transforming Dislike for Unpleasant People Into Wisdom

Jan 13

Transforming Dislike for Lack of Success Into Wisdom

Jan 20

Transforming Dislike for Imperfection and Incompetence Into Wisdom

Jan 27

Transforming Dislike of Criticism Into Wisdom

Feb 3


Since both divorce and relationship break-up are common, this indicates that we do not know how to maintain harmonious relationships with others. We also may hold unrealistic expectations of our partner, which lead to conflict. If we cannot get along with the people we love the most, it will be hard to get along with anyone. Therefore it is imperative that we learn how to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships.

Attachment – The Destroyer of Relationships

Feb 10

The Power of Pure Love

Feb 17

Learning to Accept Others as They Are

Feb 24

If the Relationship With Self is Right Then the Relationship With Others Will be Right

Mar 2




There are many methods, including meditation, for improving our human nature and good qualities through developing the capacity of our mind. Discover for yourself Buddha’s timeless wisdom and path to permanent inner peace.