When we are in difficult situations, we tend to regard the situation itself as the problem. Buddha explained that in reality whatever problems we experience come from the side of our mind. Problems arise only if we respond to difficulties with a negative state of mind. Therefore, if we want to be free from problems, we must learn to train our mind to remain positive and peaceful regardless of external conditions.

Join internationally renowned Buddhist monk and Teacher, Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab, our National Spiritual Director and Resident Teacher at KMC Canada, Toronto, for this inspiring 90 minute Public Talk, online.




The Three Aspects of Love – Buddha’s essential teachings on Loving Kindness together with the blessing empowerment of Buddha Maitreya


The three aspects of love are affectionate love, cherishing love and wishing love. Everyone needs the good heart of loving kindness because it solves all problems and fulfills all our wishes. Therefore we are extremely fortunate now having a rare opportunity to receive this special blessing empowerment.

Gen-la Khyenrab will give clear explanations on how to practically improve our good heart through engaging in the regular practice of Buddha Maitreya self-generation according to instructions of the Ganden Oral Lineage, the very essence of Je Tsongkhapa’s tradition.



There are many methods, including meditation, for improving our human nature and good qualities through developing the capacity of our mind. Discover for yourself Buddha’s timeless wisdom and path to permanent inner peace.