This year the Deputy Spiritual Director of the NKT-IKBU, Gen-la Jampa will be offering the empowerment of Buddha Vajrapani. Buddha Vajrapani is the embodiment of all the spiritual power of all enlightened beings. Spiritual power has many aspects, but one aspect is the ability to endure mental and physical hardship with a positive attitude. Since it is very difficult to avoid hardship and problems in our day to day life, we definitely need the help and protection of Buddha Vajrapani.


JUNE 7 – 11, 2019




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Our modern world often presents us with many significant challenges. As a result, it is not uncommon to experience stress, worry, and fear. If we find our self caught up in too many difficulties, we usually end up feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Buddha taught many methods for dealing with stress, frustration, hopelessness, fear, and worry. We can overcome all of these feelings of unhappiness by incorporating a two-fold approach – the practice of meditation and the wisdom of how to transform our unpleasant feelings into a controlled and peaceful mind. If our mind is controlled and peaceful, our problems will definitely be much easier to deal with. Therefore, we should understand that the best remedy for mental pain is improving our own mind.



10 am – 1 pm

Cost: $25

Monthly patrons $10