Compassion is said to be our ‘Buddha nature.’ Our Buddha nature is our potential to attain the perfect state of consciousness of full enlightenment. If we nurture our seed of compassion sufficiently, it will definitely grow and gradually take us to the everlasting joy of enlightenment. However, the development of compassion by itself is like one wing of bird. In order to take flight a bird needs two wings. The other wing is wisdom. Wisdom and compassion are complimentary and this combination will swiftly take us to supreme joy of our highest spiritual potential. Therefore, this retreat will focus on how to unify these two powerful and indispensable causes of ultimate happiness.




SEPTEMBER 21 – 23, 2018

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Stress and anxiety are unfortunately, a common affliction for modern human beings. Unless we possess special wisdom we shall find it difficult to overcome such inner torment. We can acquire special wisdom through learning and putting into practice Buddha’s invaluable teachings. This talk will explore practical methods for reducing and eliminating anxiety. This advice will be based on the book  ‘How to Transform Your Life’ by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.

Gen-la Khyenrab is the National Spiritual Director of Kadampa Buddhism in Canada. He has studied and practiced Buddhism for decades and possesses a deep understanding and experience of Buddhist meditation and philosophy.