Taking formal refuge and bodhisattva vows greatly increases the power of our positive karma. However, we should be ready to take such vows. Essentially this means that we have previously come to the conclusion that we are fully committed to the Buddhist path and now wish to create powerful causes for the swift attainment of pure and lasting happiness. Teachings on the benefits, how to keep these vows purely, and what the vows entail, will be given prior to the ceremony.


10 am – 12 pm

Free to attend.

From the point of view of spiritual practice we can become an actual hero or heroine. This means that through our meditative accomplishments we can save both our self and others from all of the suffering that we are subject to. The principal accomplishment and very nature of heroism is selflessness. Attaining such a state is the very essence of the spiritual path. This day course will be an opportunity to learn practical methods for developing a truly heroic mental attitude in our daily life, as well as how to develop this mind to its ultimate potential.



10 am – 12 pm

Cost: $20 Cardholders 1/2 price.

The great Buddhist meditation master Atisha, was requested upon his departure from Tibet to give one final teaching. This famous teaching has become known as ‘Advice From Atisha’s Heart,’ and has been studied, revered, and put into practice ever since. Although given almost 1000 years ago, Atisha’s advice is as practical, inspiring, and profound now, as it was then. This is a special opportunity to gain meditation experience of these precious instructions and to receive blessings from Atisha himself.

A joint retreat of Samudra Centre and Avalokiteshvara Centre. Guided by Gen Kelsang Rabgye and Kelsang Kunden

Space is limited so please book early.


NOVEMBER 24 – 26, 2017

Hidden Acres Retreat Centre
#1921 37 Line
New Hamburg, ON
N3A 4B5


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