The practice of refuge is the very essence of Buddhadharma. Refuge basically means seeking permanent protection from lower rebirth. In order to attain such permanent protection we vow to apply effort to receive Buddha’s blessings, put his teachings into practice, and to rely upon the help of sangha – our spiritual friends. In this way, not only do we prevent unfortunate rebirth, but also progress toward permanent liberation from suffering. In addition, the practice of refuge will allow us to fulfill all of our wishes and experience everlasting happiness. This retreat will offer the opportunity to deepen our understanding and experience of the precious mind of refuge.




Cost: $15 [whole retreat]

$7 [per session]



Session 1 9 – 10:15 am
Session 2 11 am – 12:15 pm
Session 3 2 – 3:15 pm
Session 4 4 – 5:15 pm