Depression and low self-esteem are suffering that we can overcome, provided we learn effective methods. Since these sufferings are feelings, we can learn to generate positive feelings by thinking in positive ways. Depression and low self-esteem are in fact, merely bad mental habits that we have developed over time. Therefore, we can be confident that such destructive habits can be abandoned. All we need to do is to know how to abandon these faults, be motivated and determined to do so, and be persistent in our efforts.



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Love is a mind that is naturally virtuous, therefore it can never cause suffering or problems. However, many people mistakenly believe that love does cause problems. This belief is based on not being able to distinguish love from various deluded and negative minds that so often pollute the authentic mind of love. Unless we learn to identify these pollutants, needlessly our relationships with others will suffer and possibly end in anger and resentment. Therefore, we must learn how to oppose and abandon the impurities that corrupt our mind of love.



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Cost $ 25

Cardholders $10