It is essential that we experience inspiration in order to motivate us to progress on our spiritual path. Usually we are inspired by reading books, listening to teachings, or hearing about other’s experiences. As  precious as these experiences are, it is equally important to to develop the ability to inspire our self to apply the necessary effort to progress. This course will focus on the ways and means of self inspiration in our practice of sutra and tantra.



10 am – 1 pm


Cost $25

Monthly patrons $10


The principal indication that we are making spiritual progress is a reversal of attitudes and actions that have been causing all of our suffering. Unfortunately, it is not easy to discern such faulty and mistaken attitudes because we lack wisdom. However, if we learn the wholesome and positive ways of thinking and behaving that Buddha taught, then we can definitely attain supreme joy. This course will explore what attitudes and behaviors that we need to reverse and thereby ensuring that we become a pure spiritual being.



10 am – 1 pm

Cost: $25

Monthly patrons: $10