C L A S S E S   A N D   E V E N T S


What To Expect At A Meditation Class

Meditation classes are open for anyone to attend. The General Program (GP) introduces basic and advanced meditation practice. Meditation is a skill that anyone can develop and classes are designed to accommodate those that have no meditation experience whatsoever. The purpose of meditation is to become deeply familiar with virtuous thoughts and attitudes, and to develop a special wisdom that will naturally lead us to a state of permanent happiness.  A typical class consists of a teaching on various spiritual subjects, questions and answers, refreshments, and a guided meditation. The teaching mainly addresses how to put into practice Buddhist philosophy, whereby we can learn to maintain inner peace throughout the day, even in very stressful situations. Various courses and subjects of interest are offered throughout the year. Classes are ‘drop in,’ so you can attend whenever you wish. There is a fee of $12/class which helps to cover all the associated costs of the Centre.


Foundation Program

This program (FP) provides an opportunity for formal structured study. The purpose of study is to learn and understand how and why our mind becomes negative and uncontrolled. Once we understand this process we can apply many antidotes and methodologies that are proven to bring lasting inner peace. The focus is on gaining advanced meditation experience and wisdom that will ultimately enable us to attain permanent release from all suffering of ordinary existence. You may attend a class as a visitor in order to decide if the program is suitable for you. Attending the General Program is recommended as a preparation for joining this program, but is not a necessity. If you decide to join, formal registration and abiding by certain commitments are prerequisites. For more information see the Foundation Program web page.


The Buddhist Path

Buddhist meditation practice has a centuries old history of effectively reducing and eliminating stress, fear, anger, anxiety and depression. Moreover, it offers a clear path for every level of spiritual aspiration. Ultimately, it explains how to achieve the supreme bliss of full enlightenment in one short human lifetime. If we think deeply, we shall realize that gaining lasting inner peace is the most valuable attribute that we could ever possess.